The Miqaat has not yet been declared Open.
No Miqaat Currently Live
Important Messages
1 Previously issued Raat ni Majlis Passes are no longer valid. New Raat Majlis Passes have now been allocated. Only those ITS IDs issued New Raat Majlis Passes will be allowed to enter the Masjid Complex. Kindly note children under 5 years of age will not be allowed in Masjid-ul-Moazzam for Maghrib/Isha namaaz.
2 For any questions or issues please contact the Busaheba HELP LINE NUMBER at
(+91) 261 3925353
3 If you are bringing a child less than 5 years of age, your pass will be allocated outside the main Masjid.
4 Muminaat should ensure their arrival dates are correct on Waaz pass allocation will be based on arrival date. Those who are "no-show" for their pass will have their pass cancelled.
5 If for any reason you are unable to attend Ashara Mubaraka this year, please cancel your pass on
6 Please do not come early. Gate open times are mentioned on the Pass.
For any queries please email us at